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Boeken over figuurzagen (scrollsaw)

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3D Figuurzagen. 96 bladzijden.

Join Henry Berns as he uses a scroll saw or band saw to create an ark-full of miniature three-dimensional animals and a stable-full of miniature three-dimensional people to watch over them. Henry covers three-dimensional pattern use, basic power tool operating instructions and finishing technique, then moves on to include specific instructions and patterns for almost 50 three-dimensional animal and people projects. Also included are gift ideas and presentation ideas, including a barn, a stable and an ark in which to display the finished pieces.

Figuurzaagvoorbeelden. Uitzaagmodellen totaal 256 bladzijden.


200 full-size, intricate patterns. Easy-to-follow instructions w/ shortcuts, tips & handy techniques.


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Scroll Saw art Puzzles.

32 voorbeelden van puzzels.

Patterns and techniques for making unique wooden games.

Thirty-two detailed patterns with photos show woodworkers how to make fun, beautiful, and lasting puzzles. Tips on picking the right saw and blades, selecting the wood, laying out the pattern, and preparing to cut get woodworkers started. This book presents patterns including Noah’s Ark, Cat and Kittens, Santa with Tree, Bunnies, Eagle in Flight, and dozens more.


190 bladzijden met voorbeelden, projecten etc. over figuurzagen.



Illustrated instructions for more than 100 projects. Includes more than 235 decorative & functional patterns.



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Scroll Saw Mosaics.

Ongeveer 25 voorbeelden van deze techniek met volledige beschrijving.


Use your scroll saw to create artwork with the look of a tile mosaic!
Traditional mosaics are created by combining small pieces of brightly colored tile to make elaborate pictures. Scroll Saw Mosaics follow the same principle. Simply use basic segmentation techniques and the patterns provided here to make your own brightly colored scroll saw mosaics.
-First, cut the pattern pieces from wood with a scroll saw
-Second, round the edges with sandpaper
-Third, apply brightly colored acrylic paints
-And finally, glue the pieces back together
The result is a stunning piece of finished artwork with the smooth, polished look of a tile mosaic.
Includes basic cutting tips for scroll saw segmentation techniques and 30 numbered and color-coded mosaic patterns.
Scroll Sawing is not Frank Droege's first love, but it does rank a close second behind traditional painting. Always one who enjoys color, Frank has found that scroll saw segmentation techniques allow him to combine the artistic side of painting with the more material side of scrolling.
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Music Boxes.

45 projecten met voorbeelden voor muziekdozen en andere voorwerpen.

Create Beautiful Musical Keepsakes That Will Be Treasured For Generations!
In Custom Wooden Boxes for the Scroll Saw, renowned scroll saw artists Rick and Karen Longabaugh have gathered their finest and most popular music box patterns into a collection that will delight and challenge scrollers of all skill levels.
With useful instructions and full-size patterns to work from, you'll create enchanting scrolled music boxes - and craft family heirlooms -- with professional results in no time at all.
Inside, you'll find over 45 music box projects from a wide array of popular categories, including:
- Angels
- Children
- Holiday
- Romance
- Victorian
Also included are "Interchangeable Designs" that allow you to create music boxes that can transform with the seasons or your favorite holiday!




Keltische voorbeelden.

Een boek vol met voorbeelden van de Keltische kunst. 188 bladzijden.

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Intarsia workbook.

Een boek waarin 8 projecten van a tot z worden behandeld.

Stunning Intarsia artwork may look intimidating, but now it's easier than ever! Using this skill-building guide from Intarsia experts Judy Gale Roberts and jerry Booher, you will learn to slowly build your skills as you create impressive Intarsia projects.

First, you will start with a simple project using one shade of wood. As you proceed through the chapters, you will learn to add additional detail, shades of wood, and directions of grain. By the time you have completed the book, you will have mastered the skills necessary to tackle any Intarsia project with confidence!


Een prachtig boek vol met voorbeelden van bloemen.

Create Something Special with More Than 100 Brilliant Floral Patterns

The latest addition to Lora S. Irish's successful library of art, craft and woodworking pattern books, the Great Book of Floral Patterns features more than 100 expertly drawn flowers that can be used for a wide variety of art and craft projects.

These patterns include everything from realistic flowers to stylized floral designs, which will allow you to fashion beautiful designs for projects in any media:

• Scroll Sawing and Intarsia
• Woodcarving
• Stained Glass
• Painting
• Quilting
• Wood Burning
• Graphic Design
• Scrap Booking
• Tattooing
• Screen Printing

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Het grote elfen voorbeeldboek.

Lora S. Irish, author of Great Book of Dragon Patterns and other useful reference guides for artists, proudly introduces her latest book for Fox Chapel Publishing - with more than 100 patterns of those most mystical and elusive beings called "Fairies."
The folklore of fairies - sometimes referred to as faes and flutterbyes - has been passed down through the generations, and they have captured the hearts and minds of artists for centuries. This book is brimming with tips and techniques for artists and craftspeople with any number of projects, including painting, woodworking, quilts, garden decorations, needlepoint, ceramics and more.
Inside, you'll find the history of fairies in legends, and clear descriptions of the various fairy types and their appearances.
- Wing patterns: Including bee wings, dragonfly wings, butterfly wings, moth wings, and modern options
- Poses: Handy tips on creating one fairy manikin and turning it into dozens of poses - it's easier than you think!
- Outfits: Dress your fairy in the best and brightest fashions
- Settings: From ponds to flower gardens to forest floors, you'll learn how to place your fairy in your favorite scenes and backgrounds
This is followed by page after page of the most creative and engaging patterns, with magical titles such as:
- Gentle Guardian--- Bride's Bouquet
- Pure Sunshine---- By Candle's Glow
- Day Dream---- Toad Prince
- Bathing Beauty---- Flights of Fancy
- Celtic Cross Pixie---- Evening Flutterby
- Lilac Lassie---- Satyr Angelwing
- Southern Charm--- Sweetly Shy

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This is the book for any wood crafter looking for the very best puzzle patterns—from kittens to coyotes, bulldogs to bears, or penguins to pigs. These unique upright interlocking puzzles are perfect for this menagerie of creatures.
Inside you’ll find:
• Step-by-step instructions for cutting “Mama Rabbit” puzzle
• Expert guidance on adapting a pattern and designing your own puzzle from a photograph
• Advice on designing facial expressions to give personality to your puzzles
• 26 well-designed, ready-to-cut puzzle patterns depicting pets, zoo animals, farm animals, and American wildlife
Capture the beauty of North American Wildlife on your scroll saw with these unique designs. Inside you’ll
find 30 scenic patterns—carefully outlined for smooth and easy scrolling.
Inside, you’ll find a detailed section with useful tips and techniques, including wood selection, blades, cutting, finishing and assembling the scenes. Clear, easy-to-follow patterns are provided for a wide variety of wildlife themes, including:
• Mixed wildlife: birds, fish, small animals, landscapes and more
• Large wildlife: deer, bear, elk, moose and more
• Birds: eagles, pheasants, quail and more
• Waterfowl: ducks, herons, swans and more
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Leer scjhaakstukken maken.

Learn to Make Wooden Chess Sets on Your Scroll Saw
- 9 Designs to choose from
- Complete how-to instructions
- Patterns and instructions for playing board
- Overview of the history of chess
- Information on wood, safety, finishing and more
From classic to contemporary, this book features patterns for 9 different chess set designs that can be made on the scroll saw. By simply using the compound cutting technique that the author outlines in this book, you can create a wooden chess set that will be cherished for years to come.
Choose from 9 Different Designs
- Classic I---- Classic II
- For the Birds---- Happy Bugs
- In the Garden---- Sea Life
- Alien Chess---- Woodworker's Set
- Honorable Heritagehttp: