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Boeken over Houtbranden (Pyrografie)


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Pyrography workbook. Een complete gids voor houtbranden geschreven door Sue Walters.160 pagina's inhoudende info over gereedschap, veiligheid, materialen, voorbeelden, techniek en 3 projecten van beginner tot de ver gevorderde houtbrander. Sue Walters, internationally renowned Australian pyrographer, teaches you everything you need to know to create stunning pyrography artwork through three step by step projects including.
- For Beginning Woodburners: Ducks & Bulrushes
- For Intermediate Woodburners: Golden Eagle
- For Advanced Woodburners: Wolf
Inside you'll find:
- Pyrography history, equipment, work area and safety
- Materials, preparation and finishing
- Woodburning techniques such as solar, negative, relief, engraving, color, torch, pyrographic machine and hot wire
- In depth instruction on creating animal fur, feathers and eyes-plus simple ways of burning natural objects, water, trees, bushes, rocks, and grass
- Methods for burning onto wood, leather, paper, bark, and antlers, are detailed alongside ample pictures of pyrography on the various materials that will inspire novice woodburners.
- Bring color to the artwork using different pigments and effects
- Ideas for using your new found skill

Art of Woodburning. Een boek die je veel leert over de technieken, gereedschappen en materialen. De basistechnieken worden op een gemakkelijke manier duidelijk gemaakt en maken je klaar om bepaalde moeilijke projecten aan te pakken. Auteur is  Betty Auth, 128 pagina's.

Basic Wood Burning. Zes prachtige houtbrandopdrachten worden in dit boek beschreven, alsmede de gereedschappen, technieken en voorbeelden voor deze 6 projecten. Auteur Sue Waters.

Designs for Pyrography and other Cafts.  Een collectie van voorbeelden, die vrij zijn van copyright, gemaakt voor houtbranders en eventueel houtsnijders. Voorbeelden van vogels, bloemen, lettertypen en meer. 

Collection of copyright-free patterns created for pyrographers and easily adapted to other crafts. Subjects include birds, trees, flowers, alphabets and more.

Complete Pyrography.  Een boek over houtbranden van begin tot eind met spectaculaire resultaten. In dit boek worden 12 projecten stap voor stap behandeld. Auteur Stephen Poole.

This state-of-the-art woodburning guide introduces both traditional methods and today’s techniques using electrically heated engraving tools and hot-wire tools. Every area of the craft comes with clear instructions: where to find designs, what tools and equipment to make or buy, and how to construct your own wire-point instruments, as well as how to produce lifelike textures, master the art of shading, select the proper color, enhance wood-turned objects, and protect finishes.

Learning the art of Pyrogrphy. Leer diverse methodes om hout te branden.
Lifelike Pyrography from Fotographs. Leer the methode om van foto's prachtige houtbrandprojecten te maken.

Provides pyrographers with more advanced techniques plus methods to create original work from photographs

Pyrography 101. Een boek voor beginners en gevorderden met verschillende tips, trucks, technieken en stap voor stap projecten.

Resource for beginners, intermediate and advanced burners wishing to improve their skills. Includes reference chapter on tools and sources, tips, tricks, techniques and step-by-step projects.

 Pyrography Patterns.  Een boek met 14 voorbeelden van originele houtbrandschilderijen van de beginner tot de gevorderde houtbrander


14 patterns designed from author's original burnings. Contains patterns for beginners to more advanced burners.


Pyrographs Designs.  Een boek met veel voorbeelden, die eenvoudig kunnen worden overgebracht op het werkstuk.


This imaginative collection provides complete themes that can be copied easily right onto a wood surface.

Great book of woodburning.

Een gedetialleerd boek hoe men meot houtbranden met verschillende voorbeelden op allerlei niveau. 199 bladzijden prijs

Pyrography Techniques, Patterns, & Projects For All Skill Levels
Nationally-known artist, Lora Irish, reveals her secrets in this complete woodburning resource. Beginner and advanced pyrographers alike benefit from the 30 original traceable line patterns and the clear step-by-step instructions. An inspiring full-color gallery illustrates the beauty of her finished projects.
Inside The Great Book of Woodburning You'll Find:
-Exercises to Master Temperature, Stroke, Texture and Layering
-Methods to Judge Depth of Color and Tonal Values
-Chapters on Equipment, Surface Selection and Finishing Techniques


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Wildlife Designs.

Meer dan 25 originele voorbeelden van het wildleven voor houtbranden en houtsnijden. 103 bladzijden.
Capture the Beauty of Nature and Translate It to Your Favorite Craft!
Whether it's the majesty of a buck, the cheekiness of a raccoon, or the peaceful appeal of a loon, images of wildlife are universally appealing to artists and crafters, but it can be a challenge to translate the animation and beauty of nature to your favorite medium. The difficulty can lie in properly illustrating your subject, making a working pattern, or adding the proper tone to make the scene come alive.
In Wildlife Designs, award-winning artist Sue Walters eliminates these challenges by offering 30 dynamic North American wildlife designs -- each beautifully drawn with line and tonal patterns -- and 10 border designs. Whether you're a novice exploring a new craft or an experienced artisan working in your favorite medium, these unique designs and easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the process of creating realistic or stylized images of wildlife.
Each design is applicable to a vast range of arts and crafts, including:
- Pyrography----- Stamping
- Engraving------- Stained Glass
- Scrolling------ Relief Carving
- Quilting------ Tole Painting
If you're an artist with a love of nature and animals, Wildlife Designs will make it easy for you to create vibrant and attractive images of wildlife in your favorite craft - or inspire you to broaden your artistic horizons by exploring a whole new medium.

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Keltische voorbeelden.

Een boek vol met voorbeelden van de Keltische kunst. 188 bladzijden

Now wood burners, carvers, scrollers, and artists can adorn their finished work with custom Celtic designs. With more than 200 original patterns and clear, expert instruction, this book unravels the secret to creating Celtic knot work and its beautiful twists, braids and textures. More than a pattern book, artists of all skill levels, working in any medium, can learn how to create their very own stunning Celtic art.



185 bladzijden vol met voorbeelden van prachtige bloemen

Create Something Special with More Than 100 Brilliant Floral Patterns
The latest addition to Lora S. Irish's successful library of art, craft and woodworking pattern books, the Great Book of Floral Patterns features more than 100 expertly drawn flowers that can be used for a wide variety of art and craft projects.
These patterns include everything from realistic flowers to stylized floral designs, which will allow you to fashion beautiful designs for projects in any media:
• Scroll Sawing and Intarsia---• Woodcarving
• Stained Glass----• Painting
• Quilting----• Wood Burning
• Graphic Design------• Scrap Booking
• Tattooing-----• Screen Printing
Tulips, pansies, lilies, poppies, roses, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, daffodils, irises and poinsettias are just a few of the stunning flowers found inside. You'll find full color photos of finished works in a variety of settings, scenes, themes and backgrounds to show you the versatility of floral patterns and to help motivate you to create your own masterpiece.

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Het grote elfen voorbeeldboek.

Lora S. Irish, author of Great Book of Dragon Patterns and other useful reference guides for artists, proudly introduces her latest book for Fox Chapel Publishing - with more than 100 patterns of those most mystical and elusive beings called "Fairies."
The folklore of fairies - sometimes referred to as faes and flutterbyes - has been passed down through the generations, and they have captured the hearts and minds of artists for centuries. This book is brimming with tips and techniques for artists and craftspeople with any number of projects, including painting, woodworking, quilts, garden decorations, needlepoint, ceramics and more.
Inside, you'll find the history of fairies in legends, and clear descriptions of the various fairy types and their appearances.
- Wing patterns: Including bee wings, dragonfly wings, butterfly wings, moth wings, and modern options
- Poses: Handy tips on creating one fairy manikin and turning it into dozens of poses - it's easier than you think!
- Outfits: Dress your fairy in the best and brightest fashions
- Settings: From ponds to flower gardens to forest floors, you'll learn how to place your fairy in your favorite scenes and backgrounds
This is followed by page after page of the most creative and engaging patterns, with magical titles such as:
- Gentle Guardian--- Bride's Bouquet
- Pure Sunshine---- By Candle's Glow
- Day Dream---- Toad Prince
- Bathing Beauty---- Flights of Fancy
- Celtic Cross Pixie---- Evening Flutterby
- Lilac Lassie---- Satyr Angelwing
- Southern Charm--- Sweetly Shy